I am a Postdoctoral Scholar in Jonathan Pritchard's lab at Stanford University. Previously, I was a Postdoctoral Scholar in Noah Zaitlen's lab at UCSF. I completed my Ph.D. in Genetics in Carlos Bustamante's lab at Stanford University and my M.S. in Computer Science at New York University.

I work in population and statistical genetics and am interested in developing statistical genetic methods that are applicable and powerful for individuals of diverse ancestries. Recently, I developed a method that corrects for population structure in phenotypic variance, which I showed is prevalent in human populations. This method enables more powerful genetic association tests as well as direct tests of variance effects and is particularly relevant for admixed populations and large, biobank-scale datasets. https://www.biorxiv.org/content/early/2018/10/11/439661

I am also interested in human demographic history and previously worked on inferring signatures of sex-biased demographic events as well the histories of admixed populations. Finally, I am interested in estimating and modeling the deleterious mutation load in human populations and relating it to disease prevalence.

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Email: shailam at stanford dot edu